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Q: What size does the vest come in?

A: Our vest is unisex and one size fits all.  It has an adjustable waistband to cater to all sizes.

Q: How big is the phone pouch?

A: The phone pouch is 17.5cm by 11cm, fitting most sizes of Smartphones.

Q: How do I wash the vest?

A: We recommend that the vest is hand-washed with soapy water.

Q: How big is the AirPod/Earbud pocket?

A: The pocket is (Height - 7.5cm - Width 6cm - Depth - 2.5cm).

Q: Is the vest heavy?

A: Its very lightweight and durable, you wouldn’t know you are wearing it!

Q: Is the vest waterproof?

A: The vest is water resistant.

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